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Oil Jobs Articles | The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit

Oil Rig Resumes That Will Get You Hired – Guaranteed

The first step in landing a great-paying oil rig job is also the step most job seekers neglect – to their extreme disadvantage. Sure, when times are booming, oil companies will often simply hire warm bodies. But these are hard times, and millions are out of work. If you are serious about breaking into the [...]

Jobs On Oil Rigs – Why Having A Great Resume Matters

Finding jobs on oil rigs is fairly easy to accomplish, but the reality is that without some knowledge, it’s not always so easy to get the job. With our economy the way it is today, the great jobs are going to those who have some level of experience – and in reality, to those who [...]

Oil Jobs – Navigating the Oil Rig Jobs Websites.

There is never, as the saying goes, a second chance to make a first impression. Getting out your resume to the people who want to see it is an important part of finding oil jobs. Many companies these days not only request to see a resume in email, but also want them in hard copy. [...]

Oil Rig Work – Tricks To Finding Success

If you’re looking for a great job in oil rig work; if you want that outstanding income and the excitement of working the same amount of time as you have off, we can show you to accomplish that. If all of those things are something that you’re looking for, and you’re considering vacancies in offshore [...]

Creating a Great Resume for Oil Rig Jobs

Everywhere you go you will hear people recommending that you get hired for oil rig jobs in offshore work starting as a roustabout. What is a roustabout and how can you get a job like this without any kind of prior offshore experience at all? The reality is that you can start offshore without previous [...]

Oil Rig Jobs – Are They Really Out There?

Oil rig jobs are out there, and you can find them if you are actively seeking out the best way to apply to the oil drilling companies. Oil jobs are prolific. While many websites will offer to sell you the information you need to apply, why buy a name and nothing more, when you can [...]

Offshore Drilling Jobs – Are They Hard To Come By?

Is it easy to get offshore drilling jobs? A great many websites and other places will have you believe that it’s a piece of cake–or the proverbial walk in the park to get the offshore jobs. The reality is that it’s not something you will walk into on the first day and be hired on [...]

Offshore Oil Work – What is Your Best Bet?

Are you seeking an offshore drilling or offshore oil rig job? Despite recent events, there is always offshore oil work going on. There are thousands of rigs, and turnover is often high. The vast majority (over 90%) of the offshore rigs which are currently operating were in no way affected by the loss of jobs. [...]

Offshore Jobs – Vacancies in Offshore Oil Work

The United States is only a small portion of the offshore oil rigs that operate, as everyone is fully aware. Offshore oil work is plentiful around the globe and is going on, fairly much business as usual in most places. In our latest explorations of offshore jobs in just the UK alone, more than 50 [...]

Offshore Jobs – Roustabout Work

If you’ve ever considered offshore jobs as something you might like to do, there certainly is no time like the present to accomplish that. While you might think that there have been no new openings, the reality is that the moratorium (which has been overturned in Federal Court) only affects a small percentage of all [...]

Offshore Jobs – Catering Jobs Offshore

If you’re actively seeking work and the offshore industry is something that you have considered, maybe offshore jobs in catering are something you want to think about. The opportunity to get offshore jobs in catering is still a viable one, even in consideration of the minor slow-down that has taken place in light of events [...]

Rig Jobs – How Dangerous Are They?

A lot of people are seeking out the offshore oil rig jobs in an effort to gain a higher salary for their work. Offshore rig jobs are lucrative positions that tend to pay a great deal more than their dry-land counterparts. Rig jobs on offshore wells even at entry level pay far more than their [...]

Offshore Oil Work After The Deepwater Horizon

The fairly recent problems with BP’s Deepwater Horizon well, the ensuing explosion, caused some real problems. There was a fairly big disaster, and the reality is that it happened, but you can still look for offshore rig jobs. Offshore oil work isn’t going away any time soon. Offshore jobs aren’t going anywhere either.Because the White [...]

Oil Jobs – Uncommon Jobs in an Outdoor Trade

Just because the job description says oil well, or just because the job is on offshore rigs, doesn’t mean that the oil jobs you take are all going to be dealing directly with the oil production end of things. Most people are looking for oil jobs because they tend to pay more. Some even pay [...]

Offshore Jobs – High Pay and High Adventure

One of the most up and coming new jobs that people seem to be seeking out are offshore jobs. Offshore oil is something of a new trend that everyone wants to work in. While it’s been around a while, it’s been making some gains recently in the number of workers hired. Offshore drilling rigs offer [...]

Offshore Drilling Jobs – A Fast Ticket To Success

Offshore drilling is performed world wide by the major companies, who engage in it in order to fill the need of the world for oil related products. Aside from the big boys in the game, companies like BP and Exxon and Shell, who does this, how do you find out, and where do you get [...]

Jobs on Oil Rigs – What is Available and How Do You Apply?

People are beginning to take a second look at jobs on oil rigs these days with a view toward applying themselves. The rigs offer a lucrative salary for many jobs that don’t necessarily pay nearly as well when they are in other industries. Offshore rigs tend to pay even more than the dry land ones [...]

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