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Finding Jobs In The Oil Industry

The World’s Leading Resource For Finding Jobs In the Oil and Gas Industry

If you have ever thought about finding work drilling for oil, now is the time to do so. There’s a new black gold rush going on, and those who break into the field can quickly find themselves pulling down 6 figures a year.

With The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit you’ll have everything you need to find work in the oil industry, have the time of your life, make new friends, and pull down a boatload of cash: seriously, this is the one job market left in America where even greenhorns can make bank!

How would you like to join them?

We Will Help You Get Hired for Oil Rig Jobs and Offshore Drilling Jobs

A career in the oil business will provide you with financial security and the means to create a better life. The work isn’t easy, but it sure is rewarding, knowing that you help provide the juice that powers the nation and world, puts food on the table, fertilizes the food in the ground, and makes possible our way of life. 

Once you have your foot in the door, the only ceilings on what you can achieve are those you place on yourself. Many roughnecks and roustabouts have gone on to become CEOs and executives for major companies, and you can too. Whether your dream is to become a drilling engineer, or to lead a wildcatting company drilling for gas or oil, the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. 

The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit – Everything You Need To Find Oil Rig Work

oil jobs resource kit 

The Most Complete Oil Jobs Finding Resource On The Market Today

All five eBooks and 400+ pages of the Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit work together to provide you with the most comprehensive resource on starting a career in the oil and gas industry available anywhere.

There’s a New Oil Boom Starting – Are You Going to Miss Out, or Grab Your Fair Share? Order Risk Free Now and You’ll Have Everything You Need to Start Earning $1000 – $2000+ a Week. Entry Level Both Needed and Welcome!

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Oil Jobs – What They Do, and How to Land One

oil rig jobs


The Most Comprehensive Oil Jobs Guide On The Market

  • Discover the incredibly exciting world of oil:  The history, the adventure, the human drama, and how oil has transformed our economy and made our way of life possible. We’ll show you exactly how you too can easily grab your share from this multi-trillion dollar industry.
  • Learn all about the incredible array of jobs available in all areas of the oil industry:   From Cooks to Electricians, Welders to Painters, Scaffolders to Divers, Pipefitters, Mechanics, Crane Operators and of course Drillers, Roughnecks and Roustabouts,  we provide the info you need to land the job you want.
  • Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired:  When you go to interview, having this essential knowledge will help you to stand out from the crowd – you will know something about the industry, impressing all who interview you.  This will place you in a position where the person they want to hire is you.
  • Find out where the jobs are: From the Bakken Formation in Montana and North Dakota, to the Andarko Basin in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Colorado, to the Marcellus Shale deposit in Pennsylvania, to numerous other fields in Wyoming, New Mexico, California and of course Alaska, we’ll show you where the jobs are all over the country.
  • Explore the training and educational programs available for any position that interests you:  If you don’t have the experience or skills for the job you want, we’ll show you where to get it, so you can get the job you want, where you want it.
  • Learn Who The Best Companies To Work For Are: You’ll have at your fingertips the oil and gas industry’s best companies to work for, both large and small. No hunting or guessing, we’ll show you who to contact, how and where to apply, who the best recruiters are, and what to do to get your foot in the door and show them that YOU are the man or woman for the job.
  • Oil Industry Jargon and Lingo: You’ll learn dozens of all-important phrases and lingo that will give you a step-up in impressing your interviewer, and put you in a position where you’ll know what people on the job are talking about, making the transition to a new career both smooth and exciting.

Oil Jobs – Employers, Recruiters and Contacts

oil jobs 

The Most Complete Handbook Of Oil and Gas Industry Employers, Recruiters and Contacts Available

  • Oil and Gas employers large and small, broken down by sector and country:  Exploration and Production companies, Oil Pipeline Operators, Refineries, Well Servicing Companies, and Offshore Drilling Contractors.
  • Find the Job You Want, With A Company You’ll Love:  Once you know what kind of oil job you want, this book will show you which companies hire for those positions, helping you land exactly the job you want, with a company you’ll love to work for.
  • Who’s Hiring For Offshore Oil Jobs:  Offshore drilling employers for deep and shallow water worldwide. The tragic spill in the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t affect current and new projects all over the world, including Labrador in Canada, the North Sea, Nigeria, the Middle East, and Australia, to name just a few locations.
  • Oil and Gas Employment Recruiters:  Get the contact information for the best recruiters desperately seeking resumes from all skill sets, and send them your resume today. Their business is finding you work; discover who is best at doing just that.
  • Direct Oil and Gas Company Hiring Contacts:  Learn where and how to contact the hiring departments of oil and gas companies. Gain a competitive edge over other job seekers with inside information that will help get you hired.
  • Oil Sands Employers Need Workers:  We get more oil now from the oil sands than from Saudi Arabia, and production is still just ramping up. There is a huge need for workers here; learn who the companies and the contacts are and get hired for great paying jobs in the Canadian Oil Sands.
  • The Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline Project:  Find work on what is destined to become the largest construction project in the history of the world. Learn who the companies are will be that will soon be hiring workers by the thousands, and what you need to know to get hired.

Get Hired! The Oil Jobs Action Plan

rig jobs 

The Oil Jobs Action Plan – Where You’ll Be Guided, Step-by-Step, Into Landing A Great Paying Oil Rig Job

  • You’ll quickly learn and master our proven process for finding oil work and getting hired – fast.
  • You’ll have at your fingertips a guide and checklist that will ensure you don’t miss a critical step in landing that oil rig job.
  • You’ll learn how to best leverage the material in the four other books of the Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit to produce job-landing results – in record time.
  • Save your money – we’ll show you how to bypass the pay-for-hire firms, and instead of forking out hundreds of dollars, you’ll discover how easy it is to get hired for great paying oil and gas jobs on your own.
  • Most available oil jobs aren’t even advertised. We’ll show you the secrets of both finding those jobs and getting hired for them.
  • Beat the competition. With this guide in hand, you’ll be two steps ahead of other job seekers. In this economy, that is an advantage that can’t even be measured by price – yet you’ll gain that edge for less than dinner for two in a decent restaurant.

Order The Entire Five Volume Resource Kit Today!

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This Digital eBooks Product Will be Instantly Available Upon Receipt of Payment


The Oil Jobs Resume Guide

rig jobs 

The Ultimate Oil Jobs Resume Guide – Learn The Trade Secrets To Creating Oil Jobs Resumes That Will Get You Hired

  • The fastest way to land that high-paying job in the oil industry is to place a resume that sells you as the best man or woman for the job into the hands of the hiring manager. You’ll learn exactly what your resume needs to accomplish that.
  • Whether you are experienced or a greenhorn, you need a resume that acts as a salesperson, selling you as the person they want to hire. 30 days from now, you could be flooded with interview offers, or waiting for a phone call: Having a resume that gets interviews makes ALL the difference
  • This Oil industry resume guide will teach you how to create a high-performance resume that stands out from the crowd, grabs the interviewers attention, and empowers you to find work in the oil industry, onshore or offshore.
  • You’ll learn how to build an oil jobs resume that commands attention, gets the interview, and lands you the job you want by enticing employers to call you first.
  • Includes sample oil job resumes to show you exactly what you need to do to create a resume that will get you hired – fast.

How An Oil Rig Works

rig jobs 

An 87 Page Illustrated Manual on Oil Rigs That Will Transform The Newest Greenhorn Into An Expert On How An Oil Rig Works

  • 86 industry standard, superbly illustrated pages of pictures, descriptions and illustrations of all parts of an oil rig. You will learn what each part does, what it is for, how it works, and why.
  • From the Mousehole to the Casing Line, from the Mud Pumps to the Pipe Racks, and everything in between, you’ll gain a fully illustrated understanding of every part of an oil rig: What they are, what they do, and what they looks like.
  • The most exhaustive list of terms used in the oil and gas industry you’ll ever find. Learn the terms, language and jargon used by the pros.
  • Having this knowledge when you interview for your first oil rig job will super-charge your interview…make you stand out in the mind of the employer…and help insure that when he decides who to hire, the person he hires is YOU.
  • Gain a REAL edge in starting a high-paying career that will guarantee you an awesome future.
  • Become fully prepared to start a new job in the oil industry, and begin working that new rig job – in record time.

We Help People Just Like You Find Oil Jobs Worldwide

We have received many letters from around the world from people thanking us for giving them the tools they needed to find oil rig jobs. Those who have boldly responded to the no-risk assistance that The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit can give them often tell us of how their lives have been changed. New-found financial security, the means to take care of their family, great health and retirement benefits and a world of adventure are common themes to the thank you notes we receive.

Yet one story particularly made us quite proud about the service we provide to people just like you, needing jobs, a new career, or just wanting to get a fresh start in life. From a client whom we now consider a friend, here is the true story of Nana Sem, from Ghana:

Dear Julian;

I feel obliged to let you in on this. I adopted the CV style in the KIT and I have attended an interview with the biggest recruiting agency in Ghana. I passed. I mean I got the job to start as a painter. I understand the rig will be around in less than a months time.

I’ve also been scheduled for another interview with another. The second biggest. I’m praying for the best ahead.

I owe everything to you, Julian and the KIT.

Nana Sem

Nana wrote us again, just a few weeks later – from the offshore drilling platform he had began his new dream career on. Needless to say, we were delighted to here how happy he was with his new vocation:

Dear Julian;

I am writing to you onboard the Attwood Hunter in the Jubilee Field in the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana. I was started as a Roustabout instead, though I was initially billed as a Painter and I’m more than able to the task. We are drilling for Kosmos Energy and I’m just four (4) days old on this rig.

Lest I forget Julian, any time you wish to visit Ghana, you already have a home.


Nana Sem

We take pride in having helped many people like Nana begin a new life. No matter where in the world you happen to live, we look forward to proving ourselves to you, and enabling you to begin a great new oil jobs career with The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit!

oil jobs guarantee 

100% Moneyback Guarantee – Use this jobs kit for two full months, completely risk free. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money: quickly, easily, and with no questions asked. 

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Everything You Need To Land An Oil Rig Job – Risk Free and Guaranteed!

  • More than just another guide, this is a complete oil career resource kit, with over 400 pages of professional employment information providing everything you need to land the oil rig job you want.
  • Wondering how to land a job in the Oil Industry, but don’t know where to start? We’ll show you how complete novices can start work in the oil industry.
  • Our experts will guide you step-by-step to scoring an oil job, even without experience.
  • Created for one purpose: To help anyone find an Oil Rig Job – in record time!

Make a Bold Move on Your Future – Buy Now!

Only $37.00


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This Digital eBooks Product Will be Instantly Available Upon Receipt of Payment

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